Sacred Sexuality and Sexual Embodiment shows us how to open our hearts, our emotions and our sexuality. It is a path that can merge our spirituality with our sexuality. Our practices can  teach you how to reclaim the sexual intimacy that is your birthright. Some of our practices are from ancient eastern philosophies from India, China and Tibet where sciences were created from Tantra, Kama Sutra and Taoist.

The meaning of Tantra is a sanskrit word which translates “to weave, to expand, and to spread” and signifies “Liberation” It is a spiritual science that was taught in India more then 7000 years ago.


Benefits Of Sexual Embodiment

  Sexual energy is one of our most powerful energies we have that increases health and wellbeing, along with eliminating stress, and worries. Our Program can assist you if you have any one of the following concerns or interests.

* Reduces premature ejaculation and prolongs love making
* Deepens intimacy and connection with your loved one
* Learn to channel sexual energy into Health and wellbeing, increase in energy and vitality
* Release sexual inhibitions shame and guilt
* Can increase sexual interest if sex is absent or loss of drive , interest.
* Tantra can increase your orgasmic experience for those who have an inability to reach orgasm.
* Re spark you sex life with a loved one

* Overcome Sexual dysfunction

*Overcome inability to reach orgasm

* Move through sexual traumas.

* Develop Healthy Attitudes in Relationships, Love , Intimacy and Sexuality

*Awaken Emotional Intelligence in your personal awareness and Relationship to others

*Release Limiting beliefs and mistruths about sexuality and relationships

Love Intimacy and Sexuality Coaching Sessions:-

Our coaching sessions and co designed uniquely for you based on your needs and wants. Through Sexual Embodiment and Tantric practices, couples  can begin to merge deepening their love, intimacy, connection and can experience a full unification  with one another.


Sexual Embodiment  can offer a pathway to a more in-depth understanding of yourself, your relationship dynamic with your partner and how you relate to each other and how you relate in the many other areas of life.

When coming together in a Sexual Embodiment and Tantric practice , couples begin to re discover each other. We learn what our desires are and how to express and communicate them. Sexual ecstasy and bliss can  be experienced, more expanded present  moments are felt and shared, and more erotic passion can be enjoyed.


Trust intimacy and love is gained and builds the foundation to a love lasting love. We learn tools for communication which allow more expression understanding and awareness. Our relationship can then transform from ordinary to extraordinary as you both become feel inspired to create your ideal life vision.

By keeping a Sexual Embodiment practice, balance , harmony and self empowerment can be experienced in a more ongoing life experience.  Rather then in just moments of sexual union. Couples can begin a progression from the multi-orgasmic self to a more evolved ongoing evolution to Mental Clarity , Emotional Intelligence , Physical Awareness and  Spiritual Forfilment that can revolutionise your relationship dynamic as a whole.

We then begin to merge more into our heart space, opening up to one another and sharing our emotions and feelings.  A more clear honouring communication between lovers can




become your foundation and freedom in your relationship.  As life’s distractions, fears worries and concerns may drive you away from each other. Sexual Embodiment practices can assist you to come back into your divine understanding of love and the union that you both share.

What Goes on in a Love Intimacy Sexuality Coaching Session?

In a session you will be coached around mentle attitudes, culture conditioning family conditioning , beliefs. Identifying which ones are liberating and celebrating your sexuality and letting go of the limiting non serving and suppressive beliefs.

We work though emotional blocks towards your relationship with sexuality , deepening emotional awareness and opening up to our emotional intelligence.

Ancient Eastern breath techniques from Tantra that can assist in opening up to more presence, awareness  love , intimacy and connection. 

Our coaching sessions are transformational sessions that will liberate , empower and bring more wholeness into your life , love ,sex and relationships.


Tantric Bodywork/ Coaching Sessions

Moving past sexual blocks to ecstasy

Our Temple Goddess takes you on an inner journey to awaken your  desire body and sexual passion. Through out this session you will explore the your breath and how simple breathing techniques can deepen your connection to your sexuality stimulation sexual bliss and pleasure through out the body.


Through the breath you will also learn how to deepen your connection with your body and with a partner.  We guide you through your 7 energy centres,  moving through each one with gentle body movements and postures to  awaken your understanding and connection with your inner self.

Through gentle bodywork dynamics breath and pressure point therapy, you will access energy movement through out your body, releasing blocks and old stagnate held emotions that have been holding you back from your orgasmic power and bliss.


You will also gain ejaculation techniques to access longer states of love making, and for her you will learn how to move your orgasm through out your body deepening your connection with your inner her….yoni womb and heart…We will finish this session with a sensual oiled massage, heightening pleasure.

Session 1  75min  $220

Building Sexual Ecstasy 

Our Temple Goddess begins this session by opening up your body through breath and gentle body movements to allow more sexual energy to be experienced in this session. This session is about building your sexual energy , controlling your sexual energy with focused intention to  move or sublimate  the energy through out your whole body to experience a heightened ecstatic body bliss.


This session focuses on pranayama breath techniques where you explore the movement of subtle energy with intentional focused breath techniques.  You will  also gain practices that you can implement in your daily love making to experience more orgasmic power , bliss , control and longer lasting love making.


We explore learn and awaken your erogenous zones through out this experience opening up to more arousal.  The session will finish with a sensual oiled massage to deepen your sensuality and and receptivity to pleasure.


Session 2 $240 75min



Our Temple Goddess will assist you to deepen your exploration around intimacy. Intimacy first begins with you , so in this session we open ourself to our own intimate relationship with ourself.  Learn how to surrender exploring and awakening your own inner bliss.


Through dance, movement, primal sounds and breath you will be taken into deep realms of sensuality, sexuality and connect with your  erotic primal nature.


You will return to connection of oneness that can be experienced within and expressed through your 5 senses and sensual body movements..


The temple goddess will introduce more intimate Tantric breath techniques so that you can explore a deepening connection with your beloved and a new intimacy and relationship with yourself. This session will involve sensual oiled based massage through out the whole session


Session 3 $260 75min

These Sessions are non erotic , meaning that their is no gentile touch 


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