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About Charmaine Adam


Sexpert/Speaker/Love&Intimacy Coach/Educator/Trainer


When we experience the embodiment of our sexuality, we evolve our mental clarity, emotional intelligence, physical long levity and spiritual fulfillment. – Charmaine Adam


With 9 years experience as a teacher, educator , facilitator of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.  I have had the privilege in helping thousands of men, women and couples world wide. 


Through education and tantric practices , I’ve assisted many to let go of sexual limiting mindsets, beliefs and emotions whilst overcoming sexual dysfunctions. Many have received transformation tools that have greatly assisted them.


I’ve been on the transformation personal development journey for 16 years, which has gifted me studies and certified in a mix of diverse holistic therapies like:-


Reike level 2 practitioner, Khrem Sekhem level 2 Practitioner, Initiate of Babji Kyria Yoga Level 1, Theta Healing  All Levels, Intuitive Anatomy practitioner, International Institute of Tantra practitioner /facilitator and trainer of all levels.  Serenity Vibrational Healing practitioner of all levels and Teacher.


Currently studying my Dip in Holistic Counseling to add a new dimension to my work and expertise.  I have a all round holistic approach to sexuality .


So where do I began. Sex has always fascinated me from a young age.  I just loved the personal transformation that came when I pursued accurate and useful knowledge about sex and sacred sexuality.


My personal journey has been profound teaching me a lot about self love self respect and self honor.  I’m so passionate about shifting the relationship we have with our sexuality. I’m a advocate for celebrating your sexuality, adapting healthy sexual attitudes, evolving sexual emotional intelligence, and opening up to more body love pleasure and acceptance.


I am so looking forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can work together grow and evolve.